AAPI Women's Equal Pay Day 2019

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The average AAPI women is paid $.85 for every $1 paid white, non-Hispanic men, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 40-year career. But, that's only part of the #AAPIEqualPay story. For certain communities, the wage gap is far greater. Vietnamese women earn $.64, Hmong women earn $.57, and Burmese women earn only $.50, making them some of the lowest paid people in the nation. Even within high earning fields, Asian women are paid less than their male counterparts. "Model-minority" rhetoric is racist, classist, divisive and just plain wrong. The wage gap effects ALL women. And we've ALL had enough.

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Though we observed AAPI Women's Equal Pay Day on March 2019, we and our partners at NAPAWF are hosted Southeast Asian Equal Pay Day on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 to remind the nation that equal pay day is not one size fits all for Asian women. September 12, 2018 marked the end of a month long observance of Southeast Asian Equal Pay Days. These days included: Vietnamese Women's Equal Pay Day (August 12); Cambodian Women's Equal Pay Day (August 12); Lao Women's Equal Pay Day (August 31); and Hmong Women's Equal Pay Day (September 11)

March 2019 #AAPIEqualPay Day