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IWPR & NDWA Report on State of Black Women in the United States

NWLC Equal Pay for Black Women

NWLC Report on the Lifetime Wage Gap by State for Black Women

NPWF Black Women and the Wage Gap

EPI Report on Role African American Moms Play in Family Economic Security

BWR Black Women in U.S. 2017: Moving Our Agenda Forward in a Post-Obama Era

Higher Heights Black Women in American Politics 2017 Status Update

IWPR If Current Trends Continue, Hispanic Women Will Wait 232 Years for Equal Pay; Black Women Will Wait 108 Years

IWPR The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation 2016; and by Race and Ethnicity

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AFL-CIO (William Spriggs): Black Women's Equal Pay Day   

Equal Pay Today! (Joi Chaney): Black Women Are Rising – When Will Our Pay?

IWPR: 5 Stats to Know on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Catalyst: No, Black Women Still Don’t Earn the Same As Their White Peers. And here’s why.

Equal Rights Advocates (Noreen Farrell) and Ms. Foundation (Teresa Younger): Remembering the Whole Wealth Equation on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Family Values @ Work (Carol Joyner) The Wage Gap Persists for a Reason

LCCR: In 2017, Black Women Still Face a Devastating Wage Gap


PFAW Blog: The Pay Gap for Black Women Is Unacceptable

Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign (Tolu Lawrence and Meena Harris): July 31 is another reminder of how much the Mommy Tax hurts us all

Serena Williams: How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap

Valerie Jarrett: "Let's Not Silence Ourselves"

Women Employed (Ishena Robinson): The Gender Wage Gap Is Wider For Black Women, So Why Aren’t We Leading The Conversation?

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