Equal Pay Day for ALL Women should be on December 31, but it's not. The average woman must work far into the next year to earn what the average man earns the previous year. 

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Thank you to WJLA Goodmorning Washinigton for inviting us to talk equal pay in advance of Equal Pay Day.

Dates are based on 2017 U.S. Census data on median earnings for full-time, year-round workers. Because they are observances, adjustments may have been made to avoid weekends and holidays. 

Women compared to men: April 2, 2019 -- $.80 (cents)

wage gap by demographic

Women of Color as compared to White, non-Hispanic Men:

Asian-American Women: March 5, 2019* -- $.85 (cents)

White Women: April 19, 2019-- $.77 (cents)

African-American/Black Women: August 22, 2019 -- $.61 (cents)

Native American Women: September 23, 2019 -- $.58 (cents)

Latinas: November 20, 2018 -- $.53 (cents)

All Moms compared to All Dads

Moms: June 10, 2019 -- $.69 (cents)

*Equal Pay figures for this community vary widely by ethnicity.

know your facts

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Presidential Proclamation on National Equal Pay Day, 2016 (Obama White House)

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