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2017 native women’s equal pay day Materials


TWITTER STORM ON Monday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 AT 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Native American Women's Equal Pay Day is being observed on Monday, September 25. Equal Pay Today! and the broader women's rights coalition is hosting a Twitter Storm at 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET (1:00 -- 2:00 pm CT, 12:00 -- 1:00 pm MT, 11:00 am -- 12:00 pm PT). We are encouraging the use of hashtag #NativeWomenEqualPay and secondarily #IndigenousWomen. If you would also like to support Equal Pay Today!, please also use #EqualPay2Day. 

From: Equal Pay Today!

#NativeWomenEqualPay Day is 9/25. Speak-up 4 #equalpay @ 2-3 p E on Twitter. B/c if not us, then who? We can't #AskIvanka. #indigenouswomen

Join us Mon 9/25 @ 2-3 p E for a Native American Women #EqualPay Day Twitter Storm using #NativeWomenEqualPay & #IndigenousWomen

#EqualPay advocates, like @EqualPay2DayOrg, are sponsoring #NativeWomenEqualPay Day Twitter Storm on Mon 9/25 2-3 p E. #IndigenousWomen 

Demand #EqualPay2Day on 9/25 2-3 p E during #NativeWomenEqualPay Day Twitter Storm. #IndigenousWomen

#Wagegap isn't one size fits all, neither is #EqualPay day. #IndigenousWomen r paid 57c on $1 of white men. #NativeWomenEqualPay Day is 9/25  

Demand #equalpay for all women. Join us for a #NativeWomenEqualPay Tweet Storm on Monday, September 25 at 2-3 pm ET. #IndigenousWomen

#IndigenousWomen, tell your stories. What does workplace equality mean to you? Tweet out on Mon 9/25 @ 2 E 4 #NativeWomenEqualPay Day.

On #NativeWomenEqualPay, 9/25 @ 2 pm ET, remind @OMBPress @IvankaTrump & @USEEOC that #paytransparency is key 2 #equalpay 4 #IndigenousWomen

During the Twitter Storm at 2:00 pm ET on Monday, September 25

From: National Women’s Law Center

#DYK Native women r only paid 57¢ 4 every $1 paid 2 white men? 2day marks the day when Native women's wages catch up. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Native women have to work 9 months more than white men to catch up to them. That's unacceptable. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Native women lose about $24,007 a year to the wage gap. This is lost pay, lost time, and lost quality of life. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Certain Native women experience substantially wider wage gaps like Pueblo and Blackfoot women. #NativeWomenEqualPay

At every education level, Native women experience a wage gap & w/ more education, it gets worse #NativeWomenEqualPay

CA, NM, and TX (states with some of the largest Native populations) have some of the worst wage gaps for Native women. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Not so happy birthday to Native women: Native women would typically have to work until age 89 to catch up to white men. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Native women experience a wage gap across occupations, even where they are overrepresented. #NativeWomenEqualPay

From: Equal Pay Today!

#AskIvanka, ? did @OMBPress stop @USEEOC collection of pay data on race, ethnicity & gender, if you support #equalpay? #NativeWomenEqualPay

On #NativeWomenEqualPay Day, let’s be clear: #wagegap 4 #indigenouswomen is the result of centuries of violence & socio-econ discrimination.

#Wagegap isn't one size fits all, neither is #EqualPay day. #IndigenousWomen r paid 57c on $1 of white men. #NativeWomenEqualPay Day

We support #equalpay for all women, including #indigenouswomen. Do you? #NativeWomenEqualPay  

#IndigenousWomen, reclaim your time & tell your stories. What does workplace equality mean to you? #NativeWomenEqualPay Day.

It’s #NativeWomenEqualPay Day. Let’s remind @OMBPress @IvankaTrump & @USEEOC that #paytransparency is key 2 #equalpay 4 #IndigenousWomen

The first shouldn’t be one of the last. Support #equalpay & workplace equality 4 all women, incl #indigenouswomen. #NativeWomenEqualPay

From: National Partnership for Women & Families

Unacceptable! #Indigenouswomen who work full time are paid just 57¢ per $1 paid to white men. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Women and families can't afford to wait. #Fairpay now! The #PaycheckFairness Act would help. #NativeWomenEqualPay 

W/o #fairpay, it's harder for #indigenouswomen to access #reprohealth care when deciding if/when/how to start a family. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Today is #NativeWomenEqualPay Day, which marks how far into 2017 #indigenouswomen have worked to be paid the same as men were paid in 2016.

We all suffer when #indigenouswomen are paid just 57¢ for every $1 paid to white men. #Fairpay for all. #NativeWomenEqualPay

From: MomsRising

Here’s our 2¢ on the 43¢ #wagegap facing Native women: It’s outrageous & we must push for #NativeWomenEqualPay w/ the Paycheck Fairness Act!

Native moms are up against racism, sexism, AND the maternal wage gap, making just 49¢ for every $1 paid to white dads. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Native women need #EqualPay! 57¢ for every dollar made by White men is not enough. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Native women have to work ALL of 2016 + and until TODAY in 2017 to earn what white men earned in 2016 alone. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Tools for achieving #NativeWomenEqualPay: #paidsickdays #paidleave #PWFA #raisethewage #healthcare  and affordable #childcare!  

Mind the gap: The wage gap translates into an average *annual* loss of $24,007 for Native women. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Pueblo & Blackfoot women experience the highest wage gaps for Native women &make less than half of what white men make. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Navajo and Lumbee women make a little over half of white men make. It’s time for #NativeWomenEqualPay!

Creek, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois, Chippewa, Choctaw, and Sioux women all make less than 65% of what white men make. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Did you know? Native women are paid unfairly at every education level. The #wagegap actually WIDENS w/ advanced degrees #NativeWomenEqualPay

The wage gap is widest for Native women w/ a PhD; paid just 55¢ for every $1 paid to white men w/ the same education. #NativeWomenEqualPay

Iowa, California, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Utah, New Jersey, and Nebraska are the worst states for #NativeWomenEqualPay!

Over a 40 year career, Native women typically lose $960,280 because of unequal pay. Enough is enough! #NativeWomenEqualPay

Doctor? Cashier? Waitress? Engineer? It doesn’t matter – the #WageGap persists across occupations for Native women. #NativeWomenEqualPay

We often hear “80¢ to a man's $1” when talking about the #wagegap, but it’s much larger for #WOC in particular. #NativeWomenEqualPay!

From: AAUW

September 25 is #NativeWomenEqualPay Day. Help take action to close the pay gap:  #NativeWomenEqualPay #equalpay

It takes Native women until 9/25 to match white men's pay from last year. Help change that:

Today is #NativeWomenEqualPay Day, when native women finally catch up to white men’s annual #equalpay

Are you celebrating *all* of the Equal Pay Days? #NativeWomenEqualPay Day is September 25: @AAUW

American Indian women’s salaries are 57% of white men’s pay. Here’s what you can do to close that #equalpay

What’s the pay gap in YOUR state? Find out now: #NativeWomenEqualPay @AAUW

 The gender pay gap has barely budged in a decade. Take action now: #equalpay #NativeWomenEqualPay

Just how long will it take until we see #equalpay? At this rate, not until 2119: #NativeWomenEqualPay via @AAUW

Women are typically paid 80 cents to a man’s dollar, and the breakdown grows by race:

How does race affect the gender wage gap? Get the facts: #NativeWomenEqualPay #equalpay @AAUW

Learn to ask for more! Sign up for a free @AAUW salary negotiation workshop: #equalpay

Here are 4 tips to negotiating for the salary & benefits you’re worth: #NativeWomenEqualPay

Don’t leave  on the table! Attend a free @AAUW salary negotiation workshop:

✔Resume ✔Cover letter ✔ Negotiate your salary! Attend a free workshop today: @LUNAbar #NativeWomenEqualPay

One way employers can help end pay discrimination? Stop requesting salary history!

If Congress doesn’t act, the gender pay gap won’t close in our lifetimes. Let’s change that:

Tell Congress #NativeWomenEqualPay shouldn’t be a dream for our daughters! #equalpay @AAUW

Make your voice heard in calling for #NativeWomenEqualPay – register to vote!

Pay transparency is great tool in closing the #paygap! #NativeWomenEqualPay

Robust data shines a light on where gaps are in salaries. We need data collection for #NativeWomenEqualPay!

Care about #NativeWomenEqualPay? Make sure you’re registered & ready to vote! #NativeWomenEqualPay