Equal Pay Today! Joined Press Conference with Senator Mikulski, Senate Democrats, and Advocates to Call for Passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act

Watch press conference at here.  

Read Senator Mikulski's press release recapping the event here.

Joi Chaney, Campaign Manager, represented Equal Pay Today! Here are her printed remarks.

"Thank you and thank you in particular to Senator Mikulski for gathering us again to discuss a topic we have all been talking about for far too long: The gender wage gap. 

I am here this afternoon on behalf of the Equal Pay Today! Campaign, a coalition of national and state-based women's legal and worker rights organizations, some of which are on this stage today. Together, we are working to close the gender wage gap by focusing on the key contributors to the gap, including pay discrimination, pay secrecy, job segregation, pregnancy and caregiver discrimination, wage theft and an inadequate minimum wage. 

No longer willing to wait for Congressional action, realizing that our nation's women need and deserve equal pay, our partners have begun fighting for stronger equal pay enforcement at the state level. Last year, Equal Rights Advocates led the way towards passage of the California Fair Pay Act, which was based on the Paycheck Fairness Act. The bill passed nearly unanimously with bipartisan support and became the strongest equal pay law in the country. Just imagine that. And in Minnesota, Gender Justice, worked to pass the Women's Economic Security Act, which strengthened enforcement of state equal pay laws and increased pay transparency. And we have not stopped there, our other state projects and partners are seeking to close the gender wage gap in Illinois, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Washington State, and elsewhere. 

Yet, as we do this work a common question arises: Why should the right to fair pay depend on what state you live in? Equal pay for equal work is a legal and moral imperative. Don't all of our nation's women, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status, deserve equal pay for equal work? The members of the Equal Pay Today! Campaign certainly think so and thus we are proud to join this group and all Americans in calling for, in demanding passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, so that all working women and the families and communities who depend on them will be able to reach their full economic potential. The time for talking is over. We need Congress to act to make the need for equal pay day … history.

Thank you!"