This Is How Millennials Can Get Involved With the Fight For Equal Pay

Excerpt below from blog written by Equal Pay Today! Campaign Development Partner, Alyssa Wright from Raising Change, encouraging millennials to get involved in the fight for equal pay. Read the full blog here.

"So, you’ve heard a lot this month about the gender wage gap and Equal Pay Day, and perhaps you or someone you love is experiencing it personally. Here’s the thing about the gap: It encompasses a lot of different issues – issues that nearly everyone woman will face at some point in her life. Unequal pay (including base rate, bonuses and options); occupational segregation; retaliation for seeking a raise, promotion, or pay transparency; pregnancy and caregiver penalties (including caring for children and other family members); as well as wage theft and an inadequate minimum wage (which disproportionately impacts women) all contribute to the gender wage gap. These issues transcend socio-economic status and only compound as you work longer or factor in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, parental status, and disability status. Worse, they are fueled by conscious and subconscious, antiquated and false (ahem, sexist) notions about women’s value and contributions to their families and the American economy. These same notions have a tendency to negatively impact other areas of our lives as well, including health care and personal safety, threatening not only our careers but also our promise as individuals.
But you know all of this, and you know all of the data that supports it. The question is: what can you do about it?
How do we address the issues creating the gap, ensure the adoption of policies that protect us, as well as continue to rally against cultural norms that undermine us as women in the workplace, in the home, and in society? How do we ensure women don’t have to wait ridiculously until 2058 (the current estimate) to receive equal pay for equal work and close the gender wage gap?"

Read the full blog here.