Equal Pay Today Director Pens Huffington Post Article: Black Women Are Rising – When Will Our Pay?


Joi Chaney, Equal Pay Today's Campaign Director, penned a Black Women's Equal Pay Day op-ed for Huffington Post on July 31, 2017 entitled "Black Women Are Rising – When Will Our Pay?" Click here to read more.


"Using skills born in church, sharpened in sorority meetings, and fueled by the unfair notion that we must be twice as good to get half as much, Black women have been excelling for years in workforce participation, education, and grassroots activism. But, this year feels different. More than a curated few of us are in the driver’s seat. Not just voting, but being elected; not just participating in movements, but leading them; not just being the on-air talent, but being the Executive Producer. And Freshman Senator Kamala Harris – only the second African American woman Senator in history – seems poised for a White House run. Even the women’s movement – often criticized for its lack of women of color leadership, has seen a marketed shift with African American women and other women of color – like Fatima Goss Graves at the National Women’s Law Center and Mallory, Perez and Sarsour of the Women’s March.

So, what does all of this afford? Well, parity overdue, for one. But it also provides an opportunity for African American women to shape and drive the American agenda. Thus, it is of little surprise that the observance of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day in recent years has become bigger, more inclusive, and more closely aligned to the experiences of African American women than ever before."