Medium Post | American Women are Power Rising

Equal Pay Today's Executive Director, Joi Chaney, posted a Medium blog on her reflections for anyone fighting for women's equality in the workplace at the intersection of Black History Month and Women's History Month.

"Last month, like every black woman — with the means and opportunity to invest in a movie night — I ran, not walked, to the opening of Black Panther. All the reviews are correct; it was a perfect, glorious display of African Diasporic excellence — both what is and what could have been. The latter sentiment left me wistful, and more than a little angry for all that my ancestors endured, all that my community endures, and all that our children are likely to endure for some time to come. Thus, when I arrived in Atlanta, GA last Thursday for the #WearePowerRising Summit — a national policy development, civic engagement, and economic empowerment convening of nearly 1000 African American women, I was ready raise a little hell. What I got instead was the healing my soul needed in times such as these. I found myself in a real-life Wakanda."

"At every turn, I met a “Nakia,” a “Shuri,” a “T’Challa,” an “Okoye, and together we were the “Dora Milaje” targeting the micro- and macro-aggressions and intersections of sexism, racism, classism, and xenophobia in all it’s manifestations. We were creating a Black Women’s Agenda, but given the gravitas, depth and breadth of the women in the room and the continuing rise in the political and economic power of Black Women — rather, the belated recognition of that power — it was clear that we were also creating an American agenda."

"For my part, my humble charge is employment equality for women. I sought to return from Wakanda, GA with insights into addressing the workplace challenges faced by all women. As we sit on the cusp of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, #Igot5onit, Star Jones — five takeaways for a nation of woke women."

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