Equal Pay Today! will support, provide resources to, and facilitate collaboration amongst innovative state-based projects aimed at closing the gender wage gap. 

state projects

In 2015, the campaign solicited proposals for projects that would advance equal pay at the state level. Six projects were selected based on their ability to be a key influencer on other states, regions, and even the nation, achieve early wins that can serve as an example and be mobilized into larger wins, impact the lives of significant numbers of women of color and low-income women, and/or expand equal pay and ensure economic security for women who do not live in progressive states. The following state projects were selected:

California (Lead Organizations: Equal Rights Advocates, the San Francisco Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, and the California Women's Law Center)

Illinois (Lead Organization: Women Employed)

Minnesota (Lead Organization: Gender Justice)

New Mexico (Lead Organization: Southwest Women's Law Center)

Pennsylvania (Lead Organization: Women's Law Project)

Washington (Lead Organization: Legal Voice)